Lenovo makes Storage Area Networks that are easy to manage, simple to scale and always available. They make enterprise-grade storage solutions. Their solutions can adapt to your growing virtual environments, fit into your existing budget, and ensure data is ready when you need it.

Lenovo Storage Products

ThinkSystem DE Series Hybrid Flash Array

Accelerate performance, boost IOPS, and increase density with a hybrid system that is perfectly suited for modern enterprise applications.

ThinkSystem DM Series All-Flash Array

ThinkSystem DE Series All-Flash Array Extreme performance with up to 1.0M IOPS and sub-100 microsecond latency. Full suite of APIs and application plugins for easy integration.

Fibre Channel Switches

Industry-leading switches are the foundation for high-performance fibre channel connectivity in a wide range of storage network environments.

IP SAN Switches

Ethernet storage switches built for scalability, application responsiveness, availability and management for efficient IP clustering.

Lenovo Storage Use-cases


Enable your VMs to be always available and scalable with high-performance storages from Lenovo


High performing Databases need vertically-scaling Storage infrastructure. Lenovo’s storage portfolio enables this beautifully.

VDI Infrastructure

VDI puts a lot of load on the Storage systems for performance. Lenovo Storages run thousands of virtual desktops and can take care of boot-storm and other needs.

ERP & Enterprise Applications

Applications that demand a high-level of performance due to the transactions per second prefer Lenovo Storages.


Data Management using Lenovo SAN Solutions and its ecosystem of backup products makes the IT team’s life easy.

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