As a forward-looking pioneer in the IT industry that is committed to data protection, QSAN creates simple, safe, reliable, and uninterrupted storage services to businesses of all sizes. Our high cost performance ratio connects the global leaders and help them turn data into creative momentum, build dynamic capabilities for digital transformation, and make flexible strategies to enhance business operations.

QSAN Storage Products

All-Flash Storage

XCubeFAS Series

Hybrid Flash Storage

XCubeSAN 3300 Series

Entry-level Flash Storage


Storage Area Network

XCubeSAN 5200 Series || XCubeSAN 3200 Series || XCubeSAN 1200 Series

QSAN Storage Use-cases

Large Scale Surveillance

In order to be able to collect richer data, high-definition cameras bring higher bandwidth requirements, increase in writing speed and storage capacity.

Business Backup

Data is the most important asset for the business. Disaster happens in a random manner, business will be in danger without the protection of their data and cause significant losses for further success.

All-Flash Array

Moving to the flash arena, you might want to start with a SMB/entry-level all-flash array.

Data Security

Secure the vital business data from unauthorized disclosure, modification or destruction.

Data Protection

Data is the core competitiveness of enterprises, Whether it is a hardware failure or an accident, the disaster of data corruption will directly reduce the competitiveness of enterprises.

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