Anytime and Anywhere access to Data is a must for most of the enterprises today. Cloud Storage is catching up owing to the operational ease of management as well as long term cost benefits. Cloud Storage is being used for Backup, Test and Development, Data Migration, Compliance as well as creation of Data Lakes for Analytics.

Cloud Storage Use-cases

Object Storage

Applications developed on cloud take advantage of object storage’s vast scalability and metadata characteristics. Object storage solutions are ideal for building modern applications from scratch that require scale and flexibility.

File & Backup Storage

Remote cloud storage is increasingly recognized as an essential component of strategies to prevent permanent or temporary data loss — a threat that can cost businesses as much as, or more than malicious theft and accidental leaks. Cloud solutions gives leverage to users for file sharing as well as backing up their important data.

Block Storage

Vertically scaling solutions like ERP often require dedicated, low latency storage. Block-based cloud storage systems are becoming more popular for many use-cases for vertically scaling and performance-optimal use-cases.

Verticals that we address


Financial Services

Financial Technology







Other Storage Use-cases

EBM has been championing Enterprise Storage Solutions for a little under 2 decades. We have extensive experience of deploying storage across complex use-cases for all data-driven verticals.

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Design Data Management

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