Most businesses and data centers are not equipped with the mass-capacity storage that’s imperative in today’s data economy. Seagate’s more than 40-year storage heritage has culminated in a core technology stack that brings hyperscale cost and architectural efficiencies to the enterprise across software, silicon, system and device innovations. Accelerate adoption of these leading technologies as quickly as they’re available to give your business a competitive edge.

Seagate Storage Products

Data Storage Systems


Self-healing and self-managed storage for enhanced reliability and hands-off performance.

Expansion Shelves & JBOD

Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your business while optimising cost.

All Flash, Hybrid & Disk Arrays

Tightly integrated for maximum capacity and high performance.

Hard Drives

IronWolf Hard Drives – Up to 18 TB & Pro up to 20 TB
Exos Hard Drives – X & E Series
Nytro SSD Series – SATA & SAS SSD Series

Seagate Storage Use-cases

Backup & Recovery

Safeguard business continuity with modern data protection

Big Data Analytics

Power your analytics with storage optimized for mass capacity

Cloud Backup

Activate backups and improve data security, efficiency and compliance

Data Migration

Extract more value from legacy content with managed migration services

Data Transfer

The right-sized approach to any data transfer


Deploy cost effective storage and data workflow solutions at the edge


Maximise performance to meet data-intensive workloads


Transfer, store, & access data across multicloud environments

Private Cloud

Significantly reduce TCO for secure, scalable cloud storage

Public Cloud

Data storage solutions with cloud flexibility and cost predictability

Storage as a Service

A frictionless cloud, available at the metro edge

Video Analytics

Unlock video and analytics with valuable insights from edge to cloud.

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