Data Protection is critical for any and every organization. Managing Data and ensuring availability of data in case of a failure, outage, breach or for retrieving from archives is critical to every business.

Data Protection Use-cases

Primary Data Backup

Architecting and deploying solutions for backing up your primary data comes naturally to us. Whether you are backing up data on-premise, on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud or cloud to on-premise, deploying the right underlying infrastructure needs good knowledge and experience. We definitely bring that to the table.

Disaster Recovery & Availability

Today, NAS & SAN Solutions can provide Data resilience and availability 24×7. Even in case of the most unforeseen disasters. We have capabilities to design storage solutions that can protect your data and businesses continuously and help them in recovering from natural disasters, outages, ransomware, malware and other unforeseen reasons.

Secondary Data Management

Complex applications and large infrastructure create mammoths within the datacenter and at other locations. Even though Data is backed up, managing the primary backup becomes difficult a lot of times. We can architect solutions for you to manage your primary and secondary data storages properly for all use cases.

Data Archival

Compliances and Governance deem certain types of data to be stored for ling periods of time by way of retention. We can help such organizations to manage their email, file and data archives well.

Verticals that we address


Financial Services

Financial Technology





Data Centers

CCTV Surveillance


Forensic & Security Agencies

CAD-CAM & Telecom

Film / Broadcasting

Post Production

Other Storage Use-cases

EBM has been championing Enterprise Storage Solutions for a little under 2 decades. We have extensive experience of deploying storage across complex use-cases for all data-driven verticals.

File and Data Management

Easy storage and regulated access to files with multi-platform…

Enterprise Virtualization

Store and manage your Virtual workloads of both Servers…

Video Surveillance

Managing Video Surveillance data can be difficult if you have a large setup…

Cloud Storage

Store data on premise or on cloud from anywhere easily. We can help …

Design Data Management

Manage your CAD/ CAM /Video /Graphics/ Animations/Design…

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