Every Organization has enterprise File & Data Management use-cases. NAS can be used to manage Server Storage, Client Storage and File Serving needs.

File and Data Management Use-cases

File Serving

Task-optimized high performance Storage Appliances on the IP network that can provide Secured File Sharing & Access of Data to clients and servers in a heterogeneous environment.

File & Block Serving

Deploying NAS Header solutions for combined benefits of NAS & SAN where customers need to manage lots of File & Block data. This also helps customers in leveraging their existing storage investments to reduce their TCO & increase their RoI.

Storage for high-end Apps

NAS Solutions easily support high-end applications such as Video Editing, Rendering, Microscopy, Image processing, CAD-CAM and 3-D Animation. NAS Solutions offer the best multi-tenancy for processing the same file by multiple users at the same time.

Easier Collaboration

A NAS can help cut down on complexity of collaboration by allowing all users to access such documents in one central location and even adding the ability to group edit documents in a similar way to Google Docs or Office 365.

Own Private Cloud

Secure Cloud like access but with your own infrastructure that is secure, especially for those of us storing confidential information like bank accounts or ID certificates.

Automatic Backups

Using a NAS, you can set up automatic backups on an Incremental / Scheduled basis as desired. File Syncing feature can also be configured, so as soon as a change is made to a document or folder, this change can be reflected immediately on the NAS. Also, these backups can then be replicated to a remote location for safe keeping.

Verticals that we address


Financial Services

Financial Technology




Other Storage Use-cases

EBM has been championing Enterprise Storage Solutions for a little under 2 decades. We have extensive experience of deploying storage across complex use-cases for all data-driven verticals.

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