Our extensive experience coupled with a large qualified team of technologists ensures that the most complex of Architectures can be deployed and serviced with ease.

Services Capabilities
Around Storage

Data Management

Our team of dedicated storage experts can help tailor the right solution for your from a storage and datamanagement perspective. We can deploy any storage solution for any-use case. We are naturals when it comes to understanding the use-cases for Data and File storage. We provide support and sustenance services for all the solutions that we deploy. We take the dependency on the vendor out of the equation because of our capable and skilled support team.
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AMC for Synology NAS Products

If you have Synology in your setup, there are chances you have purchased through us directly or via a partner.
We are the No. 1 partner for Synology in the country and can help you with Maintenance Contracts for your Synology Storages.

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Special Warranty Care Pack for Synology NAS Products

Having introduced Synology to India, we have special warranty bundles that can be tailored to your needs.
We have the maximum amount of spares inventory amongst any Synology partner in Asia Pacific region.

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Rental services for
NAS & SAN Products

We have an extensive array of NAS and SAN products in our inventory for renting them out. Whether is a SAN, NAS, DAS or backup storage, we can help you in your time of urgent need.
We work on use-cases like:
  1. Temporary storage while upgrading your infrastructure
  2. Outage of existing storage and needing an immediate standby storage
  3. Storage requirements for taking one-time backups and sending it to another location
  4. Storage Seeding when buying a second storage at DR site

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Remote Support
Services for Storage

EBM is one of the most innovative companies in terms of Storage Services. We have been able to mix and match onsite and remote support services for Storage to ensure complete management capability for storage infrastructure while keeping customer TCO lower. Our Remote Support services include NAS, SAN & Unified Storage Installation & Configuration, Device Management, Health-check, Trouble-shooting & Migration.
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Repairing of NAS
(Any Brand)

We have a complete repairs and maintenance team that can ensure that any of your NAS Storage across brands can be repaired. Our dedicated pool of spares across storage brands helps you immensely in getting quicker fixes for repairs and maintenance.
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