Physical Safety and Security is a must for any enterprise. In this highly collaborative world, it is important to deploy surveillance solutions to monitor and comply with activities of physical breaches, attendance, audits etc. Solutions for Video Surveillance are becoming more complex by the day due to the added pressure on businesses to transact in a Physically safe and secure manner. Our team has excellent experience in providing Storage solutions for this domain.

Video Surveillance Use-cases

Surveillance Solutions

Intelligent Storage combined with Intelligent Surveillance feature gives the best results to any enterprise with Deep Video Analytics. We have vivid experience of working with the best Video Management Systems for providing the backend storage and access.

Centralized Management Systems

Centralized Management Systems (CMS) provide efficient management, flexible deployment, continuous recording, and proactive control. We have experience with deployments involving 1000s of cameras and 100s of NAS devices for storage, all working in tandem.

Archive Vault

In Addition to basic recording, archiving feature offers offsite repository of surveillance data for longer retention period to enhance the file security. This architecture can be used for NAS or NVR setups in different locations. To achieve easier and consistent management, you can retrieve hot data (e.g. video images recorded within 30 days) from local storages, and archive older cold data to a larger NAS or NVR server in the headquarters.

Verticals that we address


Financial Services

Financial Technology

Defence & Security





City Surveillance & Public Places

Other Storage Use-cases

EBM has been championing Enterprise Storage Solutions for a little under 2 decades. We have extensive experience of deploying storage across complex use-cases for all data-driven verticals.

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