With the advent of cloud, enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach to data management. Applications and Data need to be available at all times, irrespective of where they are running or stored. It becomes very critical to understand every organization’s infrastructure setup and then propose a suitable set of solutions around storage. We have an experienced team of certified professionals who do this day in and day out.

Enterprise Virtualization Use-cases

Server Workloads

Protecting your server workloads by architecting an underlying Storage solution that will keep your VMs running irrespective of the underlying architecture is something that we do very well.

Desktop Workloads

With the increasing adoption of the work-from-home and work-from-anywhere concepts, modern architectures have added complexities. We have a team than can help you overcome your storage challenges while adopting to these working models.

Mobile Workloads

Mobility while on the move is critical for productivity. With teams now being able to access applications securely from anywhere, the underlying Storage architecture has to be robust and scalable to cater to these kinds of workloads.

Verticals that we address







Educational & Research Institutions

Financial Services

Banking and Insurance

Other Storage Use-cases

EBM has been championing Enterprise Storage Solutions for a little under 2 decades. We have extensive experience of deploying storage across complex use-cases for all data-driven verticals.

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